Six Line

my member

    Do you want to be my member? It's going to cost you $35.00 USD. per month.
That's going to be 2 draws and you going to get 3UP-2UP-2Down 1-1 sets for each draws
  But you have to know this number coming from the formulas I'm not going to tell you it's going to win every draw.
Thank you,
after you send please send email to me the MCTN (the number to correct the money) after get the money I will send the number to you.
However, I have the formulas for sale.... which is you can pay only one time and calculated the number by yourself for whole life that is going to cost you $7500 USD. this is some example from last draw every formulas you going to get it if you want to buy and some more for cut H-T-F::